You Spin Me Right ‘Round…

We’re currently experiencing something of a winter storm. The roads are slippery. I work approximately forty-five minutes away from my home. On the way home there is a hill at the bottom of which lies a stop light. You can probably tell in which general direction this is going.

Knowing the down hill was coming and that the road was slippery and I might need to stop at the end, I downshifted. I should probably also mention that I drive a Jeep. ‘Nuf said. Anyway, as I came over the rise I noticed the light was indeed red and there was a line of cars stopped. As I proceeded slowly down the hill my vehicle began to slide. “This is sub-optimal,” I thought to myself as I continued around till I was sliding backwards down the hill facing oncoming traffic and proceeding toward stopped vehicles.

A slight application of the gas brought me to a stop as the Jeep attempted to climb back the way it had come. I could not, however, take the time to sort myself out there on the road as there was a new line of cars approaching my position … facing the wrong way on a slippery downhill run. Shifting into low I managed to turn and get off the road before the line of oncoming cars reached me. There on the side of the road I managed my turnabout and waited patiently for a break in traffic whereupon I re-entered the road, facing the correct direction and proceeded home with no further incident.

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