WWII: An Alternate History

An alternate history of World War II as played out in a game of Axis & Allies:

  • First the UK destroyed the German fleet.  Japan then destroyed the American fleet at Pearl Harbor.  The U.S. began to mobilize.
  • With only one u-boat left Germany focused it’s attention on Russian and conquered Moscow.  The UK continued to conduct bombing runs over Europe.  Japan invaded Hawaii.
  • Russian partisans moved into Manchuria.  Germany continued to push through Africa and Russian territories.  The British forces in Africa were put on the defensive while their Naval power managed to take control of the Mediterranean Sea.  Japan invaded Mexico.  U.S. & Chinese forces attempted to remove Japan from mainland asia.
  • Russian partisans moved into China to provide reinforcements.  Germany invaded western China.  The U.S. liberated Mexico from the Japanese & landed their first wave in Algeria.
  • Russian partisans continued to harass Japanese and German forces in Asia.  British and American forces began to retake Africa. Japan invaded Western Canada.  The U.S. invaded southern Europe and liberated Canada from the Japanese.


We weren’t able to finish, but what appeared at first to be a game dominated by the Axis Powers gradually turned into a grueling affair with much territory being exchanged back and forth.  Near the end, it seemed as thought the tide was turning in the Allies favor.

2 thoughts on “WWII: An Alternate History

  1. Seems like that’s kinda how it went in the smaller Eastern countries. Back and forth and back and forth with Japanese and British occupations. I’m glad I wasn’t around for it.

  2. I think all WWII games should be made out of waterproof material. Before you start the game, you must wear the same clothes for two weeks. And after the first hour of combat, the game gets played in the shower (cold water only), with two feet of mud on the floor.

    I just read “Eisenhower, The War Years”, followed by “Hitler’s Empire” and saw how Germany had almost a viable, self-contained economy if it had:

    1. Stopped in Russia (Ukraine) at a point that gave Germany enough farmland so it did not have to import food.
    2. Made use of captured ethnic groups as labor.
    3. Did not put resources into killing ethnic groups, instead just move them to a different geography.

    Americans get sick of war after four years. Militarily, Hitler could have:
    1. Changed Enigma – one more rotor and better communications discipline. U-Boats would have made the Atlantic unusable, thus diverting America more toward the Pacific.
    2. Better logistics – coal based (rail) transportation. Easily repaired after bombing, doesn’t use oil.
    3. Let the generals fight the battles.
    4. Maintain air superiority over Europe (or at least Germany) so that Japan remained the viable A-bomb target.

    If Japan was beaten, and Germany held on two more years, and Hitler was killed, America might have negotiated a treaty and ended the war.

    Meanwhile I’ll go looking for a copy of Axis and Allies, and maybe find a player at work.

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