Writing Again for the First Time

I might not have posted a blog entry in a bit, but I have been writing. The other week I ran across in interesting book:

Book in a Month: The Fool-Proof System for Writing a Novel in 30 Days.

I was in Sioux Falls at Barnes & Nobel (not living anywhere near one, it’s been literally years since I was in a B&N) actually looking for the restroom when this book caught my eye. I actually did a double take – and stopped. Picking the book up I took it back to a table and began flipping through it. I found a good deal of great advice, not just for writing, but for life in general. Feeling compelled to purchase this book I first stopped to pray about it.

I called my wife and asked her opinion. She told me to go ahead and purchase it.

Upon returning from my trip to Sioux Falls I began to work my way through the book … and to write.

Only in week two I have finished the first act of a story which has been kicking around in my head for a bit, and am on my into Act 2. The disclaimer here is that the purpose of this project (and the workbook) is not to produce a publishable product in the 30 day time frame. Rather it’s a way to complete a first rough draft, start to finish – a task I’ve yet to accomplish. Future revisions will be necessary and BiaM can help me through that process too.

One reason for posting this blog entry at this time is to generate some pressure. As I enter the Act 2 doldrums and feel my enthusiasm for the work of writing (it can be very mentally taxing) beginning to wane, it will help me press on if more people are aware of my project and will know if I give up.

So I am writing. Just not blogging much right now.

4 thoughts on “Writing Again for the First Time

  1. Well, it will be at least three more weeks before I finish the first rough draft. After that I have my initial revisions (call it another thirty days). After that I might release it to a few folk for some constructive suggestions.

  2. Even if I never see the product, I encourage you to forge ahead. Few things open the door to God’s powerful changing hand in our lives than trying to express something inside us.

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