Weeping for the Past

I cried today.

This is odd for two reasons: 1) I don’t often cry.  2) I cried over events which occurred in the 1600s.

In 1609 John Rolfe set out for the New World with is wife.  A violent storm caused them to be shipwrecked on the Island of Bermuda.  While on Bermuda, John’s wife gave birth to a girl they named Bermuda after the island.  Little Bermuda died only a few months old and her mother followed her shortly thereafter.

John Rolfe finally made it to the Jamestown colony and established a farm there.  It was there he met the now famous Pocahontas and the two were wed.  Pocahontas gave birth to a son, Thomas in 1614.  The Rolfe family (including the indian princess) went to England for a time and in 1617 began their journey home.  Pocahontas never made it back to the Americas.  She died of a respirator disease in 1617.  Thomas was only three.

I found my heart broken and I wept.  I cried for a baby girl who never grew up and her heartbroken mother who followed her into death.  I cried for a little boy who would grow up with very little memory of his mother.

I though of my wife and children.  Oh how I treasure them.

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