Views on Rural Life

Jenn and I have been speaking with a church in Nebraska about the possibility of serving in ministry with them.  Consequently I’ve been researching and reading up on Nebraska in general and the town in specific.  I loved these comments regarding rural Nebraska on one particular forum:

Your just going to find that a smile and a kind word will get you a lot further … than a snooty attitude and a hundred dollar bill!! … If you want to see a smile … smile at someone.  You’ll get a smile and kind word and probably a handshake (which actually means something here).  And if you want to get knocked on your *** come … and raise a fist to someone’s brother, friend, coworker, etc… That is how our class of hard working “blue collar rednecks” thinks.  And for those that don’t like this way of thinking, you’re better off staying in your office in the city. But anyone else is more than welcome to come on down and visit.  You wont find people here hiding behind bullet proof glass. Walk down a street and you’ll see cars with keys left right in the ignition. I wouldn’t advise trying to drive off in one of those cars though because in rural Nebraska everybody knows who owns that car, most have a weapon, and everybody likes a little high-speed chase down a gravel road every now and then.

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