Vacation Journal Entry

I think vacations are bad for me. Okay I could go several directions with that, but in this case i think it’s the renting cars while on vacation is bad for me. It’s the only time i get car envy. On our last trip we rented a Dodge Grand Caravan. This trip we got a Chrysler Town and Country. Pret much the same vehicle. I don’t think it was specifically requested the last time and I know it wasn’t requested this go around. (We had a bit of a snafu and its about all that was available.) They were simply one of the few vehicles which could seat all seven of us and provide cargo space for our luggage.

I must say that I have been impressed by both the Dodge and Chrysler versions of this vehicle. On our last trip the family affectionately dubbed it the SpaceShip. This one, being a more luxurious model, far surpasses the other.

Aside from all the bells and whistles (and both models had plenty of both) there are two things about these vehicles which I enjoy. The first is the room. There are seven seatbelts, and the back row is wide enough to seat three kids fairly comfortably, even with car booster seats. Not only can it fit all seven of us, but it has the cargo space to fit luggage for all of us as we’ll… and that was just the back. My wife reminded me of the stowage bins in the floor after we loaded the sucker up. Plenty of space. Our drive up north tomorrow should be nice.

He second practical thing I like about the vehicles is the power and response. There’s plenty of get-up-and-go to easily get a car full plus luggage up to freeway speed on an inclined onramp. The handling is rather nice too.

If i were in a place to be able to afford a brand new family vehicle, this is the kind of vehicle I’d want to get.

As for some of the bells and whistles I don’t ever expect to own but which I’m certainly going to enjoy on this trip: Backup camera, DVD player, and Bluetooth syncing with my iPhone.

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