Trinitarian Church

Back to the basics.  Back to the drawing board.  Back to discovering God’s plan, God’s vision, mission, purpose etc. for this mission in Westwood.  I’ve been reading like crazy, devouring texts and books like a parched man would water.  Here are some raw notes from an article I looked at over the weekend.  It’s just the first article in a series.

The church must be orthodoxological, logocentric, and pneumadynamic.

1. Doxological: Oriented to the Glory of God

The church is doxological, or oriented to the glory of God.  Specifically, the church is to be orthodoxological, or oriented to the proper (Gr. ortho) glory (Gr. doxa) of God.

2. Logocentric: Focused on the Word

The church is logocentric, or focused on the logos, the Word, understood in two senses to refer to Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God, and Scripture, the inspired Word of God.

3. Pneumadynamic: Empowered by the Spirit

The church is pneumadynamic, or created, gathered, gifted, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

For further reading and understanding, visit “Missional Ecclesiology: The Trinitarian Church” on the Resurgence website.

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