Four years ago, just before we moved to Westwood to begin planting a church, I met a young man with a passion for God’s word and a hankering for adventure.  Our wives were friends from years past. Over the next few weeks of hanging out Jason and Becky caught our particular bug and committed to coming up to Westwood and helping us in this mission endeavor.

We arrived on the scene here about a month before them and for their first three months here we all lived together in the same house.  At the time we had two children and they had four. Ten people living in a four bedroom, one and a half bathroom house.   When I brought up the idea to Pastor Fred (Greenville Southern Baptist Church, our mother church) he stated simply that living in such close proximity would either split us apart or draw us closer together.

It had the latter effect.

Over the past four years we have worked, played, sweat, bled, cried and laughed together.  Jason and I have exchanged books, ideas, and challenged each other in ministry philosophy and doctrine.  Jenn and Becky have shared craft interests, skills and techniques.  Our children have been best friends.  It has been family.

Last night the Kerrs left on the next leg of their adventure: off to Austin, Texas.  I am excited for them.  And I am sad to see them go.  It is the end of something.  The end of a portion of my own life.  It is the end of a chapter in my own ministry story.

And (just because I like to break the rule about starting sentences – not to mention paragraphs – with a conjunction) it is the beginning.  For them the beginning is dramatic (loading up a moving truck and heading out of the mountains during a heavy snow is dramatic).  For my family and I the beginning is simply the turning of the page.  Perhaps it is the start of a new adventure.  Perhaps we are entering a prelude to something else.  We do not know.  One thing is ending, another beginning, but the question is what.

Only the Author knows.

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