How did the town of Tombstone, Arizona get its name?

A wandering prospector named Edward Schieffelin spent his days wandering around what was then Apache territory searching for silver.  Many men did the same.  Most of them died terribly at the hands of the Apache indians (who were less than thrilled about all these white people crawling around their home).  A soldier asked Schieffelin why he kept wandering out into the hills.  Schieffelin replied, “To collect rocks.”  The soldier laughed and told him that if he kept going out there, all he would find was his tombstone.

A while later Schieffelin did find a vein of silver ore and remembered what the soldier had said.  He decided to make that the name of his claim.  The story does immediately jump from there to a boomtown, but that’s basically how the town that formed nearby got it’s name.

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