The Makings of a Great Day

After hauling a load of trash to the dump I dropped my friends truck off back at his house. That’s when I realized that I’d forgotten to go home and drop off the trash cans first. So there I was, walking down the street with a couple trash cans slung over my back. I saw this older woman (by older, I mean older than my mother) shoveling out a vehicle. This isn’t the light powdery snow. This is wet, slushy, heavy snow.

“This,” I think to myself, “is why I forgot to go home first and drop off the cans. Had I done that I wouldn’t be walking down this street and I wouldn’t be able to stop and lend her a hand.”

So that’s what I did. The purpose of this post is not to toot my own horn or say, “look how good I am.” The purpose is two fold:

  1. God is sovereign even over my forgetting
  2. It feels so very good to have been able to help someone out.  I feel good physically from the workout and I feel good spiritually having been able to help someone in need and talk about Jesus.  Turns out she is a believer, active in a local church.

A workout, a good deed and some Christian fellowship.   It’s shaping up to be a great day.

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