The Blessing of Travel

God has really blessed us.  A week and a half ago we were able to meet up with my family in Reno for my father’s birthday.  We all had a great time hanging out, playing in the hotel’s pool, visiting the Children’s Museum in Carson City and dining together.  This week we are down in Ventura visiting my wife’s family.  I had the opportunity to hang out with an old friend from when we lived down here and today will be having lunch with another.

Traveling in a car for thirteen hours with four little one’s is no picnic.  But a hundred years ago this kind of travel just for a visit was unthinkable.  My children have spent the past few months in a semi-nomadic state as we travel thither and yon.  Even Abbie (6), who has Sensory Integration Disorder and doesn’t usually handle transition and change well, has been doing remarkable well.

We have been blessed these past months to see so much family and visit so many places.

Thank you, Lord, for the simple and mundane blessings you pour out upon us.

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  1. God can do amazing things when we trust Him. My family returning from Europe in 1993 required driving the family vehicle — a Renault Alliance at that time — from South Carolina to Oklahoma. Cramped in that tiny beast, my two children for once decided not to fight the whole two days on the road.

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