The Bible is Good for Game Masters

One of the things I love about reading the Bible is … RPG adventure and setting ideas. While my primary purpose in reading scripture is spiritual insight and such it does have the added bonus of providing an endless supply of ideas for role-players. This was brought to my attention while in high school. Dragon Magazine ran an article on tips for story writers and game masters. One of the tips for breaking through writer’s block was to read the Bible. The author observed that it is full of story ideas. It also has uses for the average player. I’ve patterned player characters after figures like Jonathan (King Saul’s son), Daniel, Peter and Paul.

Where the Bible has provided me the most ideas, however, is in setting and world design. I’ve had so many ideas for back stories and even geographical features from reading the Old Testament.  It happened this morning. I was listening to 2 Chronicles as I put away laundry and it gave me an idea for a OSRIC/AD&D 1E world I’m creating.  Since I got the idea from an article I thought I’d post it myself incase someone else could use the tip.

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