Taking Posession

We are in Holdrege, our new town.  Last night Jenn, John, Amie and I did a final walk-through of the house while Maggie and Abbie went off to the fair with the church’s Children’s Coordinator and her grand-daughter.

Jenn likes the house.  (I had a nightmare the other night that after the walkthrough she broke down crying saying she hated it.)

We sign final paperwork today and take the keys.

I am excited and apprehensive and… I don’t quite know how I feel.  I guess overwhelmed is the best description.

2 thoughts on “Taking Posession

  1. I’ve moved entirely too often in my adult life, and even more often as a child. Things have slowed down a bit, but I never quite think of myself as fully settled. Such a big move for you probably includes some of that.

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