Surprised by a Film

Lately it has been very difficult for me to sit through a film.  Movie and TV shows just can’t hold my attention.  Every so often, however, I am surprised by a film (and surprise others by watching such a film).  Tonight was just such an occurrence.  I was pleasantly surprised by the Irish film “Ondine.” I’m horrible at review and synopses so here’s a copy and paste from Netflix:

An Irish fisherman (Colin Farrell) hauls in an unexpected catch when a mysterious girl (Alicja Bachleda) gets tangled in his nets and soon affects the lives of everyone around her in this fantastical seaside tale from director Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire). Is it possible this beautiful stranger is a mythical sea nymph who’s been summoned from the ocean’s depths … or is she something far more common?

I really enjoyed this film.  I can’t say why exactly, except the entire time I was trying to figure out what she was exactly while hoping she really would turn out to be a Silke.  Ondine is a great story with some very superb acting.

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