Stuck In Time

One of the trippy things about moving way is that people you knew in the past are sort of stuck in time. Consciously you know they have grown and changed, but subconsciously they are still the same as the day you left. This is particularly true for children.

My first year teaching I had a student who seemed to always be staring at me as if I were an alien with antennae growing out of my head. Perhaps this was partly due to me being the first male teacher this student ever had. Perhaps I really am that strange. Auf jeden fall, this student moved out of my class and a couple years later I moved away. Via facebook I’m able to stay in contact with former students, their siblings and parents. I see current pictures of my former students and read of their growth and development. But in my mind’s eye this student is still the same 7th grader who used to stare at me as if I were the oddest thing they’d ever experienced.

It’s a shock, sometimes, to see pictures of my former students and realize how much time has gone past.

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