Stick to the Sandals

ne sutor ultra crepidam

A phrase I read today and need to apply heartily to my own life and work.

Apparently the phrase means “Cobbler, no further than the sandal!”  The story goes that a painter once asked a cobbler for advice on how to correctly paint the sandals of a soldier in a painting he was working on.  When the cobbler proceeded to give advice on other aspects of the painting the painter chastised him with the above line.  It apparently later became a proverb with a broader meaning of not offering your opinion on matters outside your area of competence.

2 thoughts on “Stick to the Sandals

  1. How ture it is. We all need to stick to the sandle. Hope you are doing good brother. We think and pray for you and your family always.

    Hope to see you again someday.


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