I had a blast during today’s adventure.  Every month I get together with a group of players for a Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game session.  Our game is set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, the setting for the old Basic & Expert Dungeons and Dragons rules boxes.  I’ve been running them through some modules from that era with some home-brew thrown in.

Today’s game was, as I said above, a blast.  The funniest moment was the death of our Halfling Thief.  The Elven Mage had fallen into a pit-trap sustaining light damage.  The Halfling tied a rope around himself, gave the other end to the Dwarven Fighter and jumped into the pit.  I did suggest that they could just lower the rope down to the trapped Elf, but the Halfling really wanted to do it his way.

The Dwarf held on to his end of the rope.  The Halfling jumped in.  The problem was that the rope was longer than the fall.  The Halfling belly flopped onto the ground at the bottom of the pit.  I rolled – maximum damage!  The Halfling went SPLAT!  The two magic-users looted his corpse.

This whole series of events caused our poor Dwarf a serious attack of conscience, being the good aligned character that he is.  He’d been annoyed by the thief for two adventures now and just held on to the end of the rope rather than doing a proper belay.  Oops!

Well, in the end, they characters conquered the villain and dragged the Halfling’s body back to town for a resurrection spell.

We laughed.  A character died.  A good time was had by all.

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