Spiritual Formation

“The human propensity to repress awareness of sin can take the form of violence and vice but more often appears in moral fortitude and character formation as a cover of sin.”

“From the elaborate ethical musings of Aristotle to the moral regimen of the Roman Stoics to the decent upright living of the common man, the natural moral impulse represents the most pervasive means to cover original sin and find happiness apart from God.”

“The fact that Christ’s…righteousness…has been imputed to the believer on the basis of [Christ’s] active obedience to the Father while on earth implies that God relates to the believer no longer as a criminal but as ‘in Christ…’

“If shame results only in frustration or working harder to fix the self, then we have not allowed awareness of sin to take its course.”

“…all true, fruit-bearing obedience and transformation is based on and motivated by God’s prior salvific work on behalf of the believer.”

— “Moving from Moral to Spiritual Formation” by John Coe


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