Spiritual Attack Again

As we get closer to going to Nebraska, I feel we are under increased spiritual attack.  I have let things distract me from spending time with my Lord.

“Father in Heaven, Sovereign Lord, please forgive me.  I need Your discipline.  Please protect my wife and children as well as myself both physically and spiritually.  Protect us from ourselves.

Thank you, most merciful Father, for giving us safety to, from and on the mountain yesterday.”

I must wonder if my continual headaches recently are spiritually derived.

“I thank you Lord for keeping the headaches from reaching full-blown migraines.   Thank you for protecting me from them this past year.”

Of greatest concern to me is an increase in disobedience in one of my children who has recently shown an increased interest in Faith in Christ.

“Father, please keep the Evil One from my child.  Holy Spirit I ask that you envelop my child, protect my child, instruct my child and convict my child unto repentance.  Give her understanding of her state, of the source and cause of her disobedience, soften her heart, draw her to You.”

Please pray for God’s hand to be on my family.  Please pray for our protection and provision.

I will continue to thank and praise my God who has been, is now and will remain faithful even when I am not.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Attack Again

  1. Remember, God knows all about what is happening and will use each situation to build your faith and keep you close to Him. Praying for you and the upcoming trip.

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