Snow Boarding

I went snow boarding yesterday with the school.  Maggie is turning into quite the fine skier.  I’m only a fair snow boarder.  I attempted to follow her down one run.  She chose to go through the terrain park.  I had a heck of a time avoiding both terrain and people employing the terrain.

My one epic fail occurred as I was attempting to avoid another snow boarder.  I caught my downslope heel edge and flipped back, landing rather violently on my backside.  I hit with such force that it rattled me clear to my brain pan.  I lay there a few minutes taking stock of all my parts.

Pain is a good thing.  It means you haven’t broken your spine.

All my toes wiggled.  That’s also a good sign.  I couldn’t very well wiggle my feet as they were strapped to my snowboard.  Looking around I saw my glasses lying about ten feet away.  I stretched out my hand toward them, but unfortunately the rattling of my brain around in my skull didn’t grant me “Force” powers as I’d hoped.  I had to retrieve them the hard way.  So, flipping over and belly crawled (ever tried to crawl with a five foot board strapped to your feet?) over the side of the run where my glasses lay.

Eventually I got back up and continued my way down the mountain.

I had several other more successful runs, pushing myself a bit further in speed and difficulty each time.  Over all, a good time was had by all.

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