Reflecting on a 20-Year-Old Lesson

I just realized that I’ve been sponsoring children through Compassion International for twenty years!

I was 18 and on the road. It was bugging me that I didn’t have a good way to tithe, not having a sponsoring or home church. I was giving a portion of my weekly income to whatever church I happen to be at that week. This was unsatisfying. I wanted to give to something continuously, to have a sense of investment I guess. Several bands and singers I listened to had Compassion International flyers in their casette cases. Even though I hadn’t bought a new album in quite a while, one of these little flyers survived in the form of a bookmark.  I filled it out and cut a check to Compassion and thus began my involvement with Compassion International.

I was a poor, itinerant actor, not sure of what I believed but longed to be part of something bigger and grander than myself. Only guaranteed $10 a week for my work (we lived on donations) sometimes my obligation took more than half of my monthly income. I never begrudged it.

I don’t live quite so sacrificially anymore… This bugs me.

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