Portrayal and Views

I’ve been watching British murder mysteries again. If I were to use these shows as a litmus test of British culture I would say they hold a very dim view of marriage and Christianity. In only one show have I seen a married couple portrayed in a positive light. The rest are either miserable people who are merely existing in the same house or else outright enemies of each other, purposefully going out of their way to make life horrid for their spouse. As for Christianity, it’s either depicted as a cold and dead religion whose adherents are self-righteous and judgmental or as a fanatical cult who’s members border on the insane.

2 thoughts on “Portrayal and Views

  1. I recall an overheard conversation on this very thing in a NATO setting. Someone opined it seems UK Christians were cold and dead, and their married couples weren’t happy. The UK soldier replied he wasn’t happy with that false portrayal, either. He was a married Christian, of course. Went on to say he didn’t know many who were unhappy couples, and few Christians with dead religion.

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