Phone Booths



Why is it we (I include myself) feel the need to yell into our mobile phones. The other day at the Library a gentleman took a call. He stepped out into the lobby of the library, but proceeded to speak at such a volume that I could hear him fifty feet away – and I have a mid-range hearing deficiency! On that same note, it is very difficult for me to hear people on a cell phone when there’s background noise. That’s probably why I (and maybe many others) yell into our phones. We can’t hear you, so we speak louder to make you can hear us. The following picture is, I think, a great idea. I’d like to see more of these, not just in office spaces, but about town as well … libraries, air ports, subway stations, even on the street.


Besides, with the rise and cell phone and decline of the pay phone Superman is really hurting for places to change. This would solve two important issues of modern society.


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