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The following is copied from today’s journal … just because.

Today started off rough. Though I was only up once in the night, I still woke up feeling horrible. I skipped Men’s Bible Study this morning. Getting to the church by 7:00 AM just wasn’t happening today. The morning was spent packing for our vacation after which M and I headed to Kearney. I run a monthly Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game campaign. It’s been running for over a year now. Our first adventure was run in my garage. After that we met primarily at Cafe Vibe. Following its closing we moved the game to the Troll’s Den. In order to make the game it was necessary to dope myself up on cold and migraine medicine. Fortunately I have a good core group of players.

Today we had the pleasure of two new players. I regret it wasn’t the best adventure, not the best showing for the new guys. I hope they still had fun. One indicated he’d return for next month’s game and the other was a maybe. Even though it was a short adventure I still lost my voice.

So this campaign has been running for over a year now. I think the first adventure was run in September of 2011. While I’m not bored or tired of this campaign, I would like a change of scenery for a bit. I presented the idea of running an adventure in a different game system after this story arc is complete. While they were open to, if not thrilled by, the suggestion. We’ll see. Maybe if I run a WEG Star Wars (D6) game for Game Fest that will give me the breather I’m looking for. I definitely want to play in a Pathfinder adventure during that event. While I’ve played D&D 3.x and looked at the Pathfinder books, I’ve yet to actually play a genuine Pathfinder game.

Tomorrow we leave for vacation after church. I’m very much looking forward to this. We’re going to spend Thanksgiving at Oma & Opa’s house in Eureka, California. Mom, Dad and Chips are also joining us. Humboldt County is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I’m thrilled that it has also become one of my Jenn’s favorite as well. Each time we visit it becomes harder to leave. Part of this may be due to the fact that Oma & Opa are 89 now and each time I visit I’m concerned it will be the last time I see them in this life.

Okay, I’m plum tuckered. Need to get to bed. I’m praying that tomorrow we’ll all be feeling 100%.

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  1. Wow, I was apparently more tired than I thought when I wrote this. Despite several rereads I never saw the typos.

    Incidentally, my voice is totally gone this morning. I’m going to need to find someone else to read scripture in church this morning.

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