Out on Visitation

Vulcan 900 Classic

Now, for a rambling post with practically no point:

A pastor friend of mine joked about naming his motorcycle “Visitation”. You know, I think I like that.

“Sorry, no I can’t meet tomorrow. I’m out on Visitation.”

My Visitation needs a new battery though. It’s a heart breaking thing when the day is beautiful and you go to get on your bike…and it won’t start. “She’s dead, Jim.”

She needs a transplant. For my next trick I’m going to predict the future: “I foresee a journey to the parts store in my future.”

Riding in Colorado in the Spring and Summer is awesome. The snow is gone (though I love snow), the roads are (mostly) clear. You can either ride through the eastern farmland and let the throttle unwind or choose mountain vistas and take a leisurely, winding trip. In the afternoon when the squalls come through you find a nice little bolt-hole (tavern, restaurant, coffee shop) to relax and let it blow over. Though the past couple weeks have been the exception they usually blow over in a short time. Then you hit the road again accompanied by the scent of freshly fallen rain.

2 thoughts on “Out on Visitation

  1. Long ago in far away galaxy, I had a decent motorcycle. Had to sell it so I could leave it here in the US when the Army shipped me to Europe. At that time, I had no authorization to bring it along. Somehow I doubt I’ll ever own one again, for a hundred reasons not worth recounting, but I still remember the thrill.

  2. My first bike was a Honda 110 trail bike I had in college. After college I bought a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic. That I had to sell in 2003 for various reasons. I went without one for the next twelve years, pining away every spring and summer. I was finally able to get another bike this year and have enjoyed it immensely (though I haven’t been able to ride it as much as I would like).

    And I did get the new battery today.

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