On the Road Again… not really

Many of you know (and many do not) that the house we are currently rending has just been put on the market.  There’s a lovely “For Sale” sign on our front lawn.  We have been looking for a different place to rent since we were first informed of the family’s intention to sell the house.

Friday we finally found a new home.  It is beautiful.  So, we’re moving.

I am unashamedly asking for help.  We plan to move the first weekend of October (3rd and 4th).  First, if you have boxes in condition, we could use some packing boxes to help that weekend go smoother.  Let us know if you have some boxes we can use.  Second, we could really use some help in the actual moving process, particularly with the furniture.  On the plus side…no refrigerators will be moved (I’ve always hated moving refers), nor will pianos.  We could also use a truck or two.  My truck is currently non-op and I don’t have the dinero to rent one.

Please let us know if you can come out those days to help.  We’d really appreciate it.

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