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We’ve been officially invited to visit a church in Nebraska in view of a call to the position of Associate Pastor.  After spending the past four years in the lead position, some have wondered why I’m stepping back down to a “lower” rung on the ladder.  The simply answer is that it is what God has called me to do.  Having been the Lead Pastor for some years, I now understand much better how to be a good Associate Pastor.  Besides:

“Boss” is just another word for “got a headache.”

2 thoughts on “On Leadership

  1. I’m a big fan of churches with a plurality of pastors, whether or not all of them hold official titles. No one of us possesses all the skills and gifts necessary for the work.

    I’ve learned that while I /can/ lead a church on my own or be the “top” guy in a hierarchical staff, my particular gifts are given their best opportunity when serving as a “second pastor” or member of a team with someone else as the primary shepherd. Probably because my gifting isn’t so much in shepherding/healing as teaching/prophetic and a church needs a strong shepherd in order for the teacher/prophet to do his or her work.

    What the question you are being asked really betrays is a cultural value on “climbing the ladder,” which has no place in God’s kingdom. (This doesn’t mean that those who ask the question don’t care about the kingdom, but that all of us are more influenced by our surrounding culture than we realize.)

  2. I quite agree with you on all points. My gift are similar and I’m looking forward to using them without the “lead pastor” distractions and headaches.

    I am a bit disturbed at the corporate mentality of climbing the ladder I’ve seen in churches. One of the things that I expressed to this church is that, having been in the lead position, they can rest assured that I do not view the Associate roll as a step along the way to a lead position. This is where I want to be.

    However… I must confess the ministerial trappings of my blog post were really just an excuse to make the last boss = headache statement.

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