On Completion

I want to thank and praise God for his work in my life.  He has been faithfully carrying me through the trials of the past months.  One means of His sovereign grace has been through reading some great articles.

The following quote came from a response article on The Resurgence website:


Pastors and those in ministry need to have some outlet in their life that allows them to finish something.  Ministry is never finished, and the pile of work continually grows. Paul told Titus to “put what remained into order” (Titus 1:5).  Based on my experience, I don’t think Titus ever finished getting everything in order.  As he appointed elders, it meant more training and leadership; as new people met Jesus, it meant more teaching and discipleship; as the church grew, it meant new systems and structures.  The church is alive and therefore never finished.

This is why Dr. Allison recommended having something you can finish.  It might be writing a book, refinishing your basement, or some other outlet for bringing something to full completion so that you can enjoy the work and rest upon its completion.  He wasn’t legalistic about it, and didn’t attempt to prooftext any verses to support this position–it was just a piece of pastoral advice from a seasoned pastor.


Continuous work without visible progress can be disheartening.  I take this advice to heart.

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