Old Friends

I had few actual friends in college.  Many acquaintances, some folk I roomed with, etc. but few real friends.  Honestly I wasn’t the friendliest of individuals.  One of my friends (whom I roomed with my third year) and I would sit at a large table in the cafeteria and see how full it could get before someone would be brave enough to sit with us.  I never actually physically harmed or verbally threatened anyone… I didn’t have to.  My friend and I were just intimidating I guess.  (And that’s all I’m going to say about our escapades that year.)

That third year was so defining for me though.  One of my closest friends died in an automobile accident.  I tried to lose myself in alcohol.  God called me to mission work and it was the year I started dating the woman of my dreams (whom I later married).

My friend graduated and joined the Navy.  I finished up and went into the ministry (proving that God’s grace is irresistible).

Since then we’ve both gotten married and have families.  His wife just gave birth to their second son.

Congratulations Ben and Stephanie.  May God continue to bless you all richly.

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