Not Giving Up

For all my frustration and exasperation with churches, I will state again that I have not given up on church. The New Testament uses several metaphores such as the Bride of Christ and the Body of Christ to describe the church. Husbands are commanded to love their wives as Christ loves the church and sacrificed Himself for her. Obviously Christ hasn’t given up on church. If I want to be a follow of Christ, I cannot either.

Relevant Magazine had a great online article on this topic. You can check it out here:

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  1. So true. I’ve had to remind Christians on facebook to “stop talking smack about the bride.” It is easy to start saying “this church is better than this church because…” And we have to realize that WE are the church, not some building with a steeple or a Starbucks in the lobby. When people start talking about the church in a territorial sense, it is very immature and unbecoming of the believer. Like “my church is so awesome because we have this really cool praise band!” (GAG!) The church is not awesome because of the praise team, it is great because of the GROOM.

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