I’ve been feeling downright nostalgic recently.  A little while a go a friend mentioned a certain 80’s album by a certain Christian music artist as being one she often went to during certain times in her life.  While that particular album never did it for me, I suddenly found myself replaying songs from that artists next couple albums silently in my head.

For the past several days I have been playing nothing but 80’s Christian music.  While I listened to a wide variety of stuff, but Christian and non, three artists/groups dominated my Walkman during the mid to late 80’s:  Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Petra.  Each of these spoke to my soul and I’ve been rediscovering songs which have sat dormant in my iTunes playlist for years.

Thanks WL for a trip down memory lane.  It’s been fun and refreshing.

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. I think the next couple of albums were much more interesting and complex in both music and lyrics (I especially like Lead Me On), but “comfort food” is it’s own category. 🙂

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