No More RockMelt At Work

I gave RockMelt (basically a social web browser) another shot.  I enjoyed the ability to keep up-to-date on what my social network “friends” are up to.  I enjoyed even more the ability to post simultaneously to my twitter and facebook accounts right from my browser (not needing yet another app open on my machine). Unfortunately every time I tried to print from the browser the blasted thing would crash.  I searched online for a cause/solution to no avail.  Completely removing and reinstalling the application did not resolve the issue.  Since we (First Baptist Church of Holdrege) are using web applications, cloud computing and service as software more and more, it’s imperative that I be able to print from my browser.

Sorry RockMelt, but I have to give you the boot.  At least on my work machine (iMac running Lion).

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