Here are some things I’ve learned about my adoptive state:

Motto: “Equality before the law”
Bird: Western meadowlark
Flower: Goldenrod
Tree: Eastern Cottonwood
Song: “Beautiful Nebraska”
Fish: Channel Catfish
Gem: Blue agate
Grass: Little blue stem
Insect: Honeybee
Rock: Praire agate

Area: 77,355 sq. mi.
Highest Point: Panorama Point (5,424 ft.)
Major Lake: McConaughy
Major Rivers: Missouri, Platte, Niabrara, Republican

Date/Order of admission: 1867 (37th)
Population: 1,758,787 (as of the 2005 census estimate)
Capital: Lincoln
Other Major Cities; Omaha, South Sioux City

Famous For
Buffalo’ Bill’s home
William Jennings Bryan
part of the Oregon Trail
only state with a unicameral legislature (one of my favorite features)
Boys Town
Chimney Rock
fossil beds

Why do I hear the song “Getting to know you” from the King and I in my head?

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