Mystery and Obsession

For some reason I’ve been reading less Sci-Fi/Fantasy and more Mystery novels.  I burned through some Agatha Christy not along ago and now, thanks to the Holdrege Area Public Library, I’ve found a new author I’m coming to thoroughly enjoy.

John Dunning is a book dealer turned author.  His character “Cliff Janeway” is a very interesting character and I truly enjoy the many references and discussions on first edition books and the hobby (or obsession) of collecting them.  Mr. Dunning’s own life story is a rather interesting read as well.

Part of the reason this character appeals to me is that I’ve considered getting back into book collecting.  Oh, I never had enough money to be a true first edition collector.  I had a few of the lower end ones at one time which I sold to help pay for a mission trip.  I was content to collect every work by a particular author.  As the funds became available I’d upgrade from a paperback to a hard back, and increase the quality and rarity of the collection.

No, I’d never be considered a serious collector.  I’m afraid most of my hardback books now are club prints which aren’t really worth the paper their published on.   But I think I might be catching the bug again.

2 thoughts on “Mystery and Obsession

  1. Thanks for the link to HAPL!
    We share a fascination for book collecting, which is on hold for me right now too. You might enjoy Used and Rare: Travels in the Book World by Lawrence Goldstone (002 G). I thought it was a fun read.
    Pam Soreide
    Library Director

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll take a loot at it (I was going to say “check it out” but then I realized that phrase in the common vernacular has a different meaning when in reference to a library and/or librarian – I’ll take a look at it, then possibly check it out 🙂 )

    Being new to the area my family as thoroughly enjoyed HAPL. We didn’t have a great library near us before. Now if can just get into the habit of turning things in on time :-/

    Are there any good bookstores (both new and used) in the area? I’d be willing to travel as far as Hastings in search of good books.

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