Moving Update

I’ve made it safe to Wendover, UT.  Originally Jenn was going to drive the U-Haul while I took the kids in the van.  The idea here was to give her a break.  Somehow I’ve ended up the primary truck driver and she’s got the kids again.  Whatever.

There were some pretty strong winds coming across eastern Nevada, but nothing scary.  The oil change light on the U-Haul came on right about lunch.  I stopped, checked the oil, added a quart, and called U-Haul about this.  They said it shouldn’t be a problem.  Just tell the drop-off point it needs an oil change.  Gosh I sure hope they’re right.

God has been very good to us through all this.  More on that later.

3 thoughts on “Moving Update

  1. The last time I was in Utah, God did a miracle keeping me from crashing while I slept some 15 minutes at the wheel, some 75+ MPH, leaving behind the folks I thought I was following.

    I don’t much like driving, but since then I’ve become really good at doing it safely, even going so far as becoming a Traffic Accident Investigator in the Army.

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