Meeting with the Church

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”
Psalm 122:1

I went to church today.  Being as I’m a minister, one would think, “Well isn’t that where you’re supposed to be every Sunday?”  The answer is of course, “yes” (and because I’m a minister, but because I live and draw breath as you do).  It happens, however, that I have been on the road every weekend for a month.  By this morning my tanks were completely empty.

It was good to gather with fellow believers, to sing songs of praise and adoration to our God and to hear a message of encouragement and conviction. I am renewed and revived.

2 thoughts on “Meeting with the Church

  1. Heh… Guess the first comment didn’t like my formatting. 😛

    I tried to say that I attempted to leave a witty remark. However, the writing of said witty remark reminded me of too many people in my past saying similar things and meaning it. I couldn’t go through with the humor and thus made prodigious use of the backspace key.

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