Listening With My Eyes

Too often I think we approach our devotion/bible reading time with the idea that we need to get some insight, or some special revelation or word from God that we can then wield like a sword as we charge off victoriously into our day.  I realized today that few of us read the Bible simply to listen to what our LORD would say to us.  If the Christian life is more relationship than religion, why do we (why do I) view daily devotions (or quiet times) as religious ritual?  Instead they ought to be viewed as conversations with a loved one.

Today I read my Bible just to listen to the voice of God.  I wasn’t looking for a nugget of wisdom to share with others.  I didn’t seek a Word of Power.  I just listened with my eyes and heart.  Guess what happened.  I found myself refreshed as I have not been in a very long time.

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