Is the Spill Accidental?

In follow up to my previous post asking who really is responsible for the BP Oil Spill, has anyone seriously considered or looked into the possibility that the explosion which caused the BP Oil Spill was sabotage?  I don’t mean some hair-brained “eco terrorist” idea that Rush Limbaugh mentioned a month ago or so.  It just seems at least plausible to me that a major oil drilling platform would be a decent terrorist strike point.  The economic impact of this event is hitting the U.S. just as we are starting to make some headway out of a long and deep recession.

With as devastating as the spill is to gulf ecology (and coastal regions), there’s a more pressing impact. There’s the lost oil,  loss of job revenue (with President Obama’s halt on drilling), a loss of tourism income in the gulf states, a detrimental impact on fishing and the cost of the cleaning up this mess.

I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to consider the possibility that this wasn’t an accident.

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  1. I take the position, accidental or intentional, the true evil remains with the actions taken in the aftermath, and the initial negligence which aggravates everything. I’ve had friends in the petroleum industry, one whose career includes lots of work in off-shore drilling. Those who know tell you this could have been shut down within a day or two, but taking the proper course was expensive, simply because the equipment was not already in place, as it should have been.

    BTW, operating company (not BP) actually has profited from this disaster, because they double insured it before it blew. Fixing things is the least of their concerns. The up-front investment went into insurance, not equipment.

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