In Praise of my Wife

Didn’t sleep well last night. The headache kept getting worse, despite taking meds. Finally awoke this morning at three something ready to vomit. Bad stage in the life of a headache. I knew today would be an ER trip day. Spent three hours there. Finally got the pain under control. They also gave me a parting gift – an injection of something else (I had the quite the cocktail today) that would help keep the pain away and would, in the words of the PA, “Amp you up”. So now the pain is mostly gone, but I have the jitters and find it difficult to think in complete sentences.

Where was I originally going to go with this post?  Oh, yea… I am so thankful for my wife who had to deal with this stuff. I am so thankful that she drove me to the ER, and came and picked me up. I am so thankful that she made me some oatmeal when we got back. I am so thankful for such a compassionate wife who takes care of the kids and me with such selflessness.

Thank you Jenn. Ei elvte.

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