3 thoughts on “Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.

  1. It’s a Doctor of Educational Ministry (D.Ed.Min.) that I’m applying to. I still got a kick out of the Illustrated Guide and found it rather appropriate and applicable.

    I’m sure other’s have given your AP sound advice. I don’t particularly care what the initials are. It’s the program I’m drawn to. In fact, I wasn’t even considering a doctorate until Jenn showed me an add for this program. It happens to fit perfectly the direction I believe God leading me in. I’ve looked at other “similar” Ph.D. and D.Min programs only to discover they are in no way similar.

  2. D.Ed.Min. Excellent. That’s a new one on me. I find the whole hierarchy of degrees pretty amusing and not particularly important or helpful. Our pastor tends to acknowledge but downplay her D.Min. I was just curious because I’d had that discussion recently.

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