I Sponsor Through Compassion International

After graduating from High School I went on the road with a theater company.  One of the dilemas I faced was how to tithe my meager income.   For some reason I didn’t want to just drop money in the plate of whatever church I happened to be at on any given Sunday (I don’t remember why).  One day I bought a music cassette (probably Petra) and inside was a flyer about Compassion International.

I began to mull that over and the more I considered it, the more it seemed the way to go.  That was eighteen years ago and I’m still sponsoring children through Compassion.  Right now the boy I sponsor lives in Ethiopia which is being affected by the famine in the Horn of Africa.  Please pray for people there.  Frankly, I’m not sure what to pray for (weather, peace, etc.) so I’ll leave the details in God’s hands and simply pray for their lives and well being.   In the meantime we can support relief and development work in hard hit areas.

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