How I Got Angry At Apple

Just about the time I decide that, yes, for what I need to do for my ministry, it is worth the cost to keep using Apple, they go and do something so utterly stupid it causes me to emit sputtering “Tasmanian Devil” noises (the cartoon version, not the real animal).

Apparently iCal is being “upgraded” to some MobileMeCal (or something).  Silly me, I clicked up date.  Suddenly I had multiple copies of each and every appointment and it no longer syncs with my Blackberry.

At this point I want to say very nasty words which are unprintable.  I settle for a low guttural, growling noise.  Okay, I research the issue a bit and discover it’s known issue, Apple doesn’t care and Blackberry may or may not be working on a solution.  I can, however, downgrade back to the previous version of iCal.  Okay fine.  I’ll do that.

I backup my calendars, visit the downgrade site and click the button.  Poof!  Magic.  All my calendars are gone.  No biggie, I backed it all up, right?  Nope.  Attempting to reimport my calendars into iCal generates error message after error message.  iCal no worky.  Okay, Force Quit.  Restart.  ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR.  Crap!!!  Force Quit.  Reboot.  Restart iCal. ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR … very very bad words are spinning through my mind and bouncing off each other like some profane atom smasher.

I am officially pissed of beyond measure and am barely controlling the urge to chuck my MacBook across the room or break it over my knee.

I need (as in MUST, like cannot continue without) to be able to sync my computer calendar to my Blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!

And for my Windoze using friends and family … DON’T START.  While I may be frothing at the mouth pissed at Apple right now, it’s only the second major problem in five years of using this machine.  Sure as death and taxes beats the annual (or more frequent) reformat and OS reinstall I had to do with Windows.  I’d sooner go back to using Linux than a Microsuck product.

Come to think of it, tomorrow I’ll BootCamp Ubuntu back onto this thing and see how far they’ve come.

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