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I’m listening to Christmas music. Fitting, given the season. The song “Mary Did You Know” comes on. It’s being sung by a group whose members are not followers of Christ. I find myself asking how they can sing this song with such passion and seeming conviction and not be brought to their knees.

One reason I gave up acting was how much it took out of me. I was a method actor. Each part, each piece was exhausting. I essentially became the character. Parts of these characters continued to live on in me. It became increasingly difficult to play characters which were much divergent from my own personality and values. Either I was dry and unconvincing or their world views became part of my own for a time.

A similar thing occurs in music. Music affects me very deeply. God has used music more than any other thing to convict me of sin, call me to repentance, and encourage me in my faith. I have great trouble singing a song I cannot agree with. This is true even of my own music. Songs I wrote in my past, when I was younger and more foolish, I have a very difficult time playing even on my own in a “blast from the past” rehearsal.

I do not become upset when I hear faith oriented Christmas music sung by unbelievers. I don’t care of a functional atheist, Buddhist, Jew, secular humanist, etc. records a Christmas album and sings about the birth of Jesus. It’s simply that I don’t understand how they can remain unaltered by the message.

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  1. I tend to assume that passion is evidence the musician has been touched, even if the source remains unknown to the individual or the after effects don’t match our experiences.

    Music gestates in the soul. You can’t give birth without something in the music coming from your own being and joining the forces of creation.

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