Happy Birthday M

Twelve years ago today my wife called me at work and told me to calmly ride home, get the car and take her to the hospital. Her water had just broken. Something like twelve hours later she gave birth to our first child.

When little M was born I was so giddy I was dancing around like a six foot, three inch tall leprechaun. As she lay in the warming tray like a fast food hamburger I gazed down at her and started to hum. She opened her eyes, turned her head and looked right at me. My heart melted and the connection was forged. I still remember that song I hummed, made up on the spot. I’ve since hummed it to all my newborn children.

That night I would doze off, then wake to check on my brand new daughter. I learned how to change a diaper, bathe an infant, the proper way to hold said infant and a myriad of other little but necessary things to take care of my child.

Well, I guess I didn’t do too badly. She’s made it twelve years now and is blossoming into quite a young lady. In truth I don’t think I can take any credit. All the credit and glory here belongs to God. Were it not for the grace of God through His Son, Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t be here to witness this precious young lady’s twelfth birthday.

Thank you, Lord, for this girl. Thank you for calling her and claiming her as Yours. Thank you for growing her into such a precious young woman. Please continue to pour out your grace upon her and our whole family.

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