Grandmommy with my son in 2008
Grandmommy with my son in 2008

Grandmommy. That’s the name I gave my paternal grandmother when I was a little boy. Her car was the coolest. It was the first car I ever saw with power locks and windows. The back seat had an arm rest in the middle … and she’d let me sit on it so I could see out the windows. She had some of the neatest toys and games in her back room. I remember her letting me have instant oatmeal for lunch. She was great. Another childhood memory, or really a conglomeration of memories, is her sitting on the sofa in the living room reading the Bible and praying. It seemed no matter how early I got up, she was there first – reading and praying.

Just a few weeks ago I took my whole family “back home” for Thanksgiving. We all went down to the care home where she was and reintroduced her to several of her great grandchildren – and introduced her to a couple she’d not yet met. It was a short but pleasant visit. She couldn’t take her eyes off the baby, and the baby couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

Grandmommy passed away this morning. I miss my Grandmommy.

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