God of the small things

Sleepyhead kid

Sleepyhead kid

Sometimes we think the Bible only speaks on the big issues. But scripture has very imminently practical instructions and advice in small matters as well. Take Proverbs 27:14 for example:

Whoever blesses his neighbor with a loud voice,
rising early in the morning,
will be counted as cursing.

I’m guessing Solomon wasn’t a morning person. I can picture him, bleary eyed entering the throne room in the morning when his steward booms out, “GOOD MORNING, SIRE”. Solomon winces, gazes at his assailant through gritty, squinting eyes, and lays down the above proclamation. The royal scribe left off the part about not doing it again or the offender might find himself on one of the work crews doing one of the many national projects Solomon had started.

Okay so that is completely fanciful, but that’s how I picture it in my mind. The same Bible which tells us of the nature and character of God, which reveals Christ and instructs us in salvation also give us bits of whimsical yet valuable advice. God is not just concerned with the big things. He is concerned with all things…especially the small things. Even cautioning morning people to modulate their volume when around others.

Being a morning person, this passage is one I need to take to heart.

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