7 thoughts on “Funny Line From TV

  1. Yea. I don’t watch TV on TV. I use Hulu. It’s been some time since I could sit down and watch “TV”. Most TV shows don’t hold my interest much past the pilot. We’ll see with this one. I usually shut them off and go back to reading. Currently I am reading through a five book Agatha Christie collection, as well as a couple Baptist history and polity books.

  2. Two episodes in and I wasn’t annoyed. Three episodes in and I was bored. Fourth episode wasn’t quite as bad. They’re going to have trouble keeping the plot from getting stale. There’s only so many ways to script: Something weird happens; it’s not what you first thing; they didn’t mean to hurt anybody; happy ending; lady gets clue about past mystery.

    I watch way too much television. 🙁

    Feel free to chastise me if you’re in here, Ed. I know better.

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