2 thoughts on “Freedom vs. Security

  1. I’ll disagree with dear departed Ike. Freedom has nothing to do with external limitations. DDE’s talking about liberty. Freedom can be found (and is more easily found) in the places with the least amount of liberty. It seems the more liberty we enjoy, the more easily we find ourselves enslaved by our choices, thus trading freedom for liberty.

  2. We have a bad habit in our culture of mixing images and metaphors for the Two Realms (ala Augustine). Freedom in the spiritual sense is more readily apparent when it’s the only freedom you have, and I agree we too easily forget that. However, it’s not impossible to keep that spiritual sense alive even when we are externally free. Our problem is agreeing with the cultural background about what comes with that external freedom. Our worst prison, in my mind, is whatever it is Western Civilization has become today. It’s hard to find that ancient vision of liberty on both levels.

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