Forty-Five Minutes Alone with God


The weather is getting warmer. Snow is finally melted. Yesterday it reached 88 F. Today should be equally warm. I took the opportunity to ride the motorcycle in to work. I live about forty-five minutes from the office. That’s a pretty long stretch with nothing but wind and road noise to listen to. It’s typical for these rides to turn into conversations with God. For some reason I’m able to really pour out my heart to God while on two wheels in a way that I can’t normally.

Today’s prayer was about direction, vision, etc. It would not quite be accurate to say that I was at a crossroads. It’s more like a traffic circle with about six or seven outlets. I feel like I’m going in circles and starting to get dizzy…and a little discouraged (some days more than others).

This verse greeted me when I powered up my computer:

Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!
— Psalm 27:14

It may not provide the direction I was looking for, but it does encourage that God is listening, has heard, and hasn’t forgotten me. He has a plan and will let me know when to exist the traffic circle. For now, I am encouraged. I’ll probably need another assurance in a few hours (a few days at most), but for now, I am encouraged.

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  1. Yes, there’s something about motorcycles and bicycles that strips away the distractions of riding in a cage. I know something of that sense of trapped in a traffic circle, too. There are worse places we could be.

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