First Clue

Apparently a FEMA videographer asked cleanup volunteers in Mississippi to change their Salvation Army T-shirts before he would film their efforts.  The feature on Fox News was interesting enough in its own right.  What was surprising was the statement by the news show anchor that she wasn’t aware the Salvation Army was a Christian organization.

What?  Really?  The word “Salvation” in their name wasn’t a clue?

Granted, you can’t automatically assume every organization with “Jesus”, “Christian”, or “Salvation” in their name is really a Christian group.  But the S/A has a very clear track record.  I have worked with the Salvation Army several times and while I don’t agree with 100% of their theology or methodology, I gotta admit they have their stuff together and their solid on the essentials.  They’re good people and diligent servants (or would that be warriors) for Christ.

3 thoughts on “First Clue

  1. Apocryphal story: TV news anchor stands before disaster recovery activity scene. Rattles on and on about the Red Cross doing such great work there, then an SA truck drives by behind him blocking the entire scene briefly.

    I realize you didn’t pit them against each other, but my personal experience with the SA versus the RC is reflected in that vignette, particularly while in the military. The RC has gone downhill steadily in my eyes, starting from an already bad position, while I still tend to trust SA for their ability to act faithfully.

  2. I agree with you, brother. The Red Cross has lost it’s mooring and rudder. I have seen the bureaucratic waste and inefficiency of the Red Cross. If I had to choose between donating to the S/A or the R/C, I’d pick S/A hands down.

  3. It’s just another story, but I had opportunity to work closely with an SA Officer for a couple years, recently. We don’t always agree on theology, but I would drop everything and work for him again purely because of his love for the people he serves.

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